What Kind of Preventative Care Can You Expect at a Pediatric Dentist Office?

Posted on October 4, 2023

Preventive dental care is very important to overall dental health. The sooner you can start your children on a journey of preventive care, the better their dental health will be. Let’s look at some ways that a pediatric dentist’s office can help your kids with preventive dental care.

Professional Cleanings

Professional cleanings are the most powerful type of preventive dental care for both children and adults. It’s especially important for children though. Children are not often capable of managing their dental care on their own. Without careful supervision, children’s teeth can start to develop cavities and other serious issues.

A child should have their teeth cleaned once every six months. If a child is battling chronic tooth decay, they may need cleanings more frequently. A lot more happens than just a cleaning, during the visit, however. During the visit to the pediatric dentist office, your child’s teeth will be examined, and X-rays will be taken periodically as well. These exams help to ensure that your child’s dental development and health are being well-monitored.

Fluoride Treatments

Another important type of preventive measure your child will receive is fluoride treatment. A fluoride treatment helps to strengthen teeth and helps to protect them against cavities. Some parents have concerns about their children being exposed to too much fluoride. You can discuss this concern with a pediatric dentist when you visit a pediatric dental office, but rest assured our team knows how to safely administer this method of prevention.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dental sealants applied to the back teeth can help to prevent about 80% of cavities. This is another type of preventative treatment that you can receive at a local pediatric dental office. A sealant acts as a barrier between your child’s teeth and the bacteria that attack the teeth. Sealants are also very successful at filling in deep crevices in teeth where decay often starts.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers can also be used to prevent future overcrowding in teeth. These can be helpful to reduce the necessity of braces in some children. Baby teeth often have plenty of space in between, but as children grow and more teeth come in, overcrowding can become an issue. Not only will overcrowding affect the appearance of teeth, but it will also affect your ability to effectively clean teeth as well.

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